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19+ mentors reveal their biggest secrets to help you start a food gig on a shoestring budget to explore greater creativity, feel more fulfilled, and earn (extra) income.

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This event is for you…

The Food Boss Summit was created for time-strapped doers (like you) to help you explore food gig opportunities that can be started on a shoestring budget, discover which best fits you, and pursue something rewarding around your food obsession.

Each five-star Mentor interview will guide you through key lessons to help you find greater self-fulfillment by doing something you’re passionate about, whether full-time or on the side.

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Learn how to find a food gig that excites you, choose one that fits into your life, pinpoint what you want to achieve, and more. Hear from Mentors who have found in: food writing, food styling and photography, leading tours, hosting pop-ups and events, teaching workshops, crafting products, and more, gateways to fulfilling side-gigs and full-time careers.   

Learn how to focus on what you’re already good at, what you love to do anyway, and take in real-world lessons from: funding your project, getting your first gig, setting yourself apart, figuring out what you’re worth, and more. Mentors reveal what works and what doesn’t so you can save time and money by avoiding the same mistakes. How awesome is that? 

Meet the 19+ Mentors supporting you in the 2017
Food Boss Summit… 

These Food Bosses will guide you in starting the food gig of your dreams to explore greater creativity, feel more fulfilled and earn (extra) income.

SUMMIT AGENDA – September 19th – 23rd

Day 1 – No Experience? No Problem | Tuesday, September 19 

Embracing Uncertainty and the Value Behind Choosing a Harder Path

Filipina chef Yana Gilbuena of Salo Series hosts insanely popular pop-up dinners, where she showcases food that reminds her of her childhood in the Philippines.

On a mission to showcase Filipino food and culture, Yana, a self-described culinary nomad finished a 50-state-50-week filipino pop-up dinner tour, and brought her Salo Series to 8 provinces in Canada and Mexico, with plans to take her dinner series all over the world.

She has also amazingly earned over 1400 five star reviews on Feastly and has been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic’s The Plate, and Heritage Radio.

Yana Gilbuena

8:00 AM PST  |  11:00 AM EST

Going For It! Experimenting and Figuring Things Out Along the Way

Bryan Mitchiner co-founded Mustard and Co. with Justin Hoffman who was making mustard as a hobby and testing it out on friends and family. They teamed up to make Justin’s hobby into a small business in 2013.

Knowing that he wanted to share more beyond their bold mustard, Bryan founded Stocked General, an online store where you can find some of his favorite products and their stories, it’s also where they connect the best products by crafty makers with the best shops around America.

Bryan Mitchiner

9:00 AM PST  |  12:00 PM EST

Set Your Side-Gig Up for Success Even Without a Business Plan

Both from the West Coast, with a passion for the oyster, sustainability and good times, Jess Taylor and Sean Roberts of The Wandering Mollusk Oyster Catering Co. came together in 2014 and have been redefining the mobile oyster bar experience one shuck at a time ever since!

Jess Taylor & Sean Roberts

5:00 PM PST  |  8:00 PM EST

When No Experience and a Small Budget can be an Advantage

An American living in Germany, Laurel Kratochvila started making bagels and founded Fine Bagels in 2013 because she simply couldn’t find any good ones in Berlin.

Her most recent project was putting together Nosh Berlin, a Jewish food week, about embracing traditional food and showcasing contemporary Jewish cooking.

Laurel Kratochvila

6:00 PM PST  |  9:00 PM EST

Day 2 – Is it Time for a Change? | Wednesday, September 20

How Self-Reflection and Re-Evaluation Leads to Your Ultimate Food Career and Life

Jody Vassallo is an ayurvedic health coach, cookbook author and co-founder of The Rising Collective – Food Yoga Wellness Retreats.

A recipe writer and food stylist for the past 25 years, Jody has collaborated with many leaders in the food industry including Jamie Oliver, Bill Granger and Donna Hay.

Her work has been published in The New York Times, Gourmet Traveller, Instyle, and Food and Wine, just to mention a few.

Jody Vassallo

8:00 AM PST  |  11:00 AM EST

The Power of Genuine Connections and Your Community

Danguole Lekaviciute is a relatively new, fully committed freelancer in the world of food and beverage, focusing on videography, photography, recipe developing, marketing and social media.

If you’re wondering what the first few months of being a full-time food content marketer looks like, Danguole is going to share the goods!

Danguole Lekaviciute

9:00 AM PST  |  12:00 PM EST

How to Turn a Hobby into a Full-time Career

Valeria Necchio is an Italian food photographer and writer based in London and Venice. Her passion for food writing and photography was her part-time gig until she decided a little over a year ago to take the leap and make it her full-time career.

Her writing and photography has appeared in national and international publications including: Kinfolk, Monocle, The Guardian, and she’s a food columnist for Italy’s largest newspaper, Corriere della Sera.

Valeria wrote and photographed her debut cookbook entitled Veneto, which is published by Faber&Faber.

Valeria Necchio

5:00 PM PST  |  8:00 PM EST

Have a Full-time Job? Use it to Jumpstart Your Gig

Linda Ellis, who everyone calls Lou, worked in the corporate world for 10 years but left after a health scare had her reconsider how she wanted to live her life.

Today, as a Health Coach and Cook, she, through Lunch Lady Lou, is on a mission to transform how we think about, cook and eat our food. She offers corporate catering and a Monday to Friday lunch delivery service. 

Linda Ellis

6:00 PM PST  |  9:00 PM EST

Day 3 – Keys to Getting Started I | Thursday, September 21

Limiting Risk and Being More Confident by Doing What Interests You

After over 15 years in the corporate world Muffie Fulton founded Bold Food in 2015 where she teaches adventurous home cooks how to use modernist techniques like sous vide, foams and smoking guns.

In 2016, Muffie added Bold Food Tours, the only tours with world-class, “must-eat” restaurants included on the itinerary, to truly bring together her lifelong passion for cooking and travel.

Muffie Fulton

8:00 AM PST  |  11:00 AM EST

How Storytelling and Collaboration Work to Skyrocket Your Business

Nevette Previd, who has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, is the founder and executive producer of Farm.Field Sea, which offers authentic, immersive food adventures that include: Insider Culinary Tours, Unique Business Retreats, Experiential Group Tours, and Events and Culinary Event Development and Consulting.

Farm.Field.Sea’s mission in creating these unique and intimate experiences is for Martha’s Vineyard producers to directly interact with, and tell their story to, the people who eat their food.

Nevette’s resume also includes being the re-branding strategist and producer for The Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival and Living Local Harvest Festival.

Nevette Previd

9:00 AM PST  |  12:00 PM EST

How to Attract the Clients You Want and Build a Business that Makes an Impact

Mascha Davis is a registered dietitian nutritionist who spent four years crusading against malnutrition in Africa, and returned to Los Angeles to start her business, Nomadista Nutrition.

A holistic health business, it is focused on helping others reset their relationship with food so they can enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Mascha Davis

5:00 PM PST  |  8:00 PM EST

Drawing from Past Jobs and Things You Love to Create Your Side-Gig

Kaela Fox and Austin Quattlebaum created Serenade to bring their passions for music, entertaining, cooking and eating together. Through the talented Portland scene, Serenade partners with local businesses to create pop-ups featuring communal meals paired with live music.

Kaela Fox & Austin Quattlebaum

6:00 PM PST  |  9:00 PM EST

Day 4 – Keys to Getting Started II | Friday, September 22

Opportunity: How to Create It (from a Bad Situation) and Grow Your Business With Each Gig

Wildman Steve Brill has been foraging for over 35 years and leads foraging tours in greater New York and beyond,  to help us learn about the environment and to get back in touch with nature.

He’s authored five books on the subject and created Wild Edibles Forage app to help us explore edible plants in our own backyards and beyond.

Believing it’s especially important for kids to participate in nature in a non-destructive, healthy manner, Violet, his 12 year old foraging expert daughter, co-leads the tours with Steve.

Steve Brill

8:00 AM PST  |  11:00 AM EST

How to Find Support, Backers and Help for your Project

After honing her video storytelling skills at Brown University, Columbia Journalism School, and New York magazine, Caroline Shin saw how food media weren’t featuring the people from the cultures whose foods had become fads, so she decided to tell the stories of 9 grandmothers of 9 different cultures herself through her web series, Cooking with Granny.

Caroline Shin

9:00 AM PST  |  12:00 PM EST

Why Accelerator Programs and Start-up Competitions May Work for You

Breffney O’Dowling-Keane lives and breathes all things food related and her first business venture is called FruitCubed.

She also has a food education in Food Science, worked in the bakery department of a worldwide food company and has studied to become a professional chef in classical French Cuisine.

In 2015 she was recognized for Best idea in Cork City in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur Awards.

Breffney O’Dowling-Keane

5:00 PM PST  |  8:00 PM EST

How Your Customers Can Help You Build a Better Business

Trista Ainsworth of The Cheery Chef has been a lover of food and cooking since she was a child. She started out as a food entrepreneur selling “biscuits” that she made from flour and water on her family’s deck.

Trista created The Cheery Chef to share recipes, teach gluten free and dairy free cooking and baking, and serves healthy comfort food through Josephine.com, where she has earned a 5 star rating with over a hundred reviews.

Trista Ainsworth

6:00 PM PST  |  9:00 PM EST

Day 5 – Make Your Mark | Saturday, September 23

Being Present: Lessons to Learn When You’re Small and When Your Business is Booming

Chelsea Miller is a Brooklyn-based knife maker who makes every part by hand from reclaimed horse-grooming tools from her family’s farm in Vermont.

Her bespoke kitchen knives range from cheese knives to serious chef knives, and are sought after by professionals and home cooks alike.

She has also been commissioned to craft knives for restaurants such as New York’s famous Eleven Madison Park.

Chelsea Miller

8:00 AM PST  |  11:00 AM EST

Passion is Not Enough. Why Getting Started and Goal Setting are Vital

Daniel Klein is founder of The Perennial Plate – an online documentary series about adventurous and sustainable eating.

Daniel’s culinary education brought him all over the world where he trained at top Michelin starred restaurants including The Fat Duck, St. John, Bouchon, and Craft.

He also pursued a career in film after graduating from NYU, and is an Emmy nominated producer, and a 2013 and 2014 James Beard Award winner. 

Daniel Klein

9:00 AM PST  |  12:00 PM EST

Creating Your Own Entrepreneurial Path at Home and Abroad

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Scott Groth followed his passion for food and sharing it with others when he left the corporate career he had for over a decade to start a cooking school and catering company.

His life adventures brought him to southern France where he lived with his family and pursued his blog, I’d Rather Be a Chef.

Scott Groth

5:00 PM PST  |  8:00 PM EST

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2) Skyrocket your learning, and get started faster than you ever thought possible. Why spend endless hours researching online and being overwhelmed by all the information out there? It can be such a frustrating time suck with very little progress. Trust me, I know. Grow from the mistakes we’ve all made by learning from the best Mentors right here.

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5) Part-Time Dreamer to Full-Time Food Hustler, the superstar lessons will help you make progress and take you to the next step.

There’s something for everyone. Whatever your current situation, you’ll come away with the direction you need to start a rewarding food gig on a shoestring budget with winning confidence.  

What Makes the Food Boss Summit Unique?

You learn from crazy valuable interviews with successful Mentors who achieved their perfect balance of self-fulfillment and income by starting with what they love to do and building on their food obsession. If you look online, you’ll find that workshops, conferences, and seminars with similar material can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So expensive.

You get the same quality at no cost.

Because this event is available online with 19+ pre-recorded interviews, you don’t have to travel and find a place to stay. You’ll save a ton of time and money.

All materials are thoughtfully organized with three to four talks going live every day of the summit. Each speaker interview is live for 48 hours so you can participate on your own schedule. (I’ll send you the links to watch directly to your inbox.)

Get Access to 19+ Mentor Interviews… Start a food gig on a shoestring budget to explore greater creativity, find more fulfillment, and earn (extra) income.

The best part… you get to watch for FREE (for a limited time)!


What is the Food Boss Summit?

The Food Boss Summit is an online, video-based event with 19+ Mentor interviews covering a huge range of shoestring food gig opportunities designed for food obsessed doers. 

Our real-world Mentors are celebrated food photographers and stylists, writers, retreat and workshop organizers, food tour operators, supper club hosts, product crafters, and more, who share their best strategies for starting a passion-driven food business by focusing on what you’re already good at.

Can anyone watch this Summit?

Yes! Our talks are mapped out for passionate, food-loving doers with everyday responsibilities and limited time, but we know that entrepreneurs thrive with supportive friends and family in their lives. 

If you’re a friend, partner, mom, dad, sibling, or spouse, you’ll gather important insight into their challenges and how to support them in achieving their creative and entrepreneurial goals. 

Do I have to travel to the Food Boss Summit?

Nope! That’s the beauty of it! You can learn from the comfort of your own home because the entire event is online. You’ll be able to stream videos from anywhere so long as you have a phone, tablet or computer. Cool, right?

I’ve wanted to attend so many conferences, workshops and events in the past, but with a flight and hotel at the very least, it was too expensive. So, I’m bringing the summit to you virtually.

When can I see the Summit Interviews?

Each day, three or four interviews will go live, and you can watch each for 48 hours. (I’ll send you the links to watch directly to your inbox.) Come back to this page to check out the schedule as it’s being finalized so you can mark your calendar to learn from your favourite Mentors.

What’s the Summit Playbook?

When you grab your free pass, I’ll send you the Summit Playbook! You’ll meet the speakers and learn more about their sessions, plus they share with you 19 simple actions you can take for starting your food gig right away.

Get Access to 19+ Mentor Interviews
Start a shoestring food gig to explore greater creativity, feel more fulfilled and earn (extra) income.

I’m Gabriel Soh, your host.

I’m the producer and host behind the popular food podcast, The Dinner Special. Through interviewing 100+ of the world’s top food bloggers, cookbook authors and food entrepreneurs in less than a year, I feel like I found my culinary voice again. 

Over a decade ago, I graduated top of my class at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and immediately found a home at the acclaimed Bacchus restaurant in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I’m so excited about bringing you a dream panel of Mentors to share their lessons learned, hands-on advice, and real-world insight on starting a rewarding food gig (on a shoestring) from scratch. Food Boss Summit is the resource I wish existed before I abandoned my passion for food to climb the not-so-fulfilling corporate ladder.

I feel like I wasted so much time. Please don’t make the same mistake.

I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia (a suburb of Vancouver), with my wife and my son. My world ending last meal would include a platter of Chinese BBQ, a giant bowl of steaming white rice, and an ice cold glass of Hong Kong style milk tea. Ben Folds would be playing, “The Luckiest”.

Get Access to 19+ Mentor Sessions

on how to start a gig on a shoestring budget to explore greater creativity, be more fulfilled, and earn (extra) income around your food obsession…

The best part is you can watch for FREE (for a limited time)!

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